Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The price we quote you is all you’ll ever pay. We receive our payment from the fleet department who provides the car.

The same is true for any additional services you decide to purchase. The overall price we give you will include these, and we will receive our procurement from the provider, not from you.

In some cases you’ll see a procurement fee listed in the fine details of your contract alongside the various other price breakdowns. This is not an addition to the price, and will always be a siginficant saving on what you would have spent if buying a car through traditional showrooms.

Online Car Finance can help you with a hassle-free trade-in from car dealers around the country. We’ll obtain a trade appraisal from the dealer as well as our partnered wholesalers to give you a variety of offers to choose from, from around Australia. We can even pick up your existing car and deliver it to the purchasing dealer

Yes! We partner with more than 20 banks and other financiers around the country, and will search and compare a large range of finance products to find you the most competitive car loan rates possible.

Once we’ve received your request one of our consultants will be in contact with you within three business hours. From there we can confirm your details, and you’ll start receiving quotes within the week.

In some cases, we can organise to have the car taken to you for a test drive. There’s no need to visit the dealership when you choose us. If you prefer to receive your quote first, we can organise the contract of purchase subject to test driving the vehicle. That means you can place a deposit on the car to secure the price, take the car on a test drive and if you’re not satisfied with the way it drives we’ll happily refund your deposit.

Yes we can source vehicles anywhere in Australia

In most cases, within 48 hours of receiving your deposit. This is dependent on the stock availability of the dealership. We generally find that car dealers with the stock available give us the best price. However, should another tender (at a slightly higher price point) offer a quicker delivery we’ll let you know.

Yes, all quotes will be the full drive away price, including 12 months rego, all government charges and all requested accessories.

For additional questions, contact & reach out to us.